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Nature of Industrial Buying: Industrial Marketing

URDANETA CITY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION San Vicente West, Urdaneta City 2428 Pangasinan, Philippines Telefax No. (075) 568-7612 Website: www. ucu. edu. com BY: IAN JOSEPH ROBISO MARC TON ALEXIS PEREZ MARITA LABIANO KENT NOEL JAVIER ILENE GONZALES BEVERLY ROSARIO RICHARD SUMERA LOVELY SORIA BSBA-III Major in MARKETING MANAGEMENT SUBMITTED TO: MR. LADI GEORGE L. GASCON INSTRUCTOR Nature of Industrial Buying: Industrial Marketing Buy Phase in Industrial Buying * Buying is a hierarchical dynamic procedure There are 8 Phases in Buying Decision Process * In Industrial market the purchasing dynamic procedure noticeable successive stages, understanding these stage assists creating with appropriating selling system The Buying Decision of association is impact by ecological variables, authoritative elements, relational components and individual elements: * Personal †e. g. Age, Education, Income, Personality, Risk Attitude, Culture * Inter-Personal †e. g. Intrigue, Authority, Status, Empathy, Persuasiveness * Organization †e. g.Objective, Policies, Procedures, Organization Systems and Structure * Environment †e. g. Level of Demand, Economic Viewpoint, Technology Change, Political Development, Social Responsibility 8 Phases in Industrial Buying * Identify the issue †mechanical advertisers distinguish issues in purchasing association and propose how issue is? * General need Description †when the issue is perceived next is to determine the issue. For specialized items, the specialized. * Product Specification †built up an exact articulation of the item or administration, choosing right providers suggest. Providers Research †search of possible providers from vertical centers, useful center points, direct additional connect to significant providers ,exchange * Analyze Suppliers Proposal †when the certified providers chose, the purchasing association acquires the solicitation for proposition. * Sup pliers Selection †Evaluation of proposition of contending providers and select providers * Selection of Order And Routine †setting orders w/chose providers, recurrence of the request situation, levels of stock follows. Execution Review †execution criticism of the providers occur and post buy assessment Organizational Purchase Situation * New Task †a Situation that the organization is purchasing the thing just because. The purchasing association will normally have had little involvement in the item or administration. The hazard included is more, choices may take longer time and top administration is included. * Modified Re-Buy †This circumstance happens when the association isn't happy with the presentation of the current suppliers.Search data about elective wellspring of gracefully. The change I provider is probably going to incorporate a few agents, including mid level administration and evaluative measures are dissected. * Straight Re-Buy †Buying item s or administrations persistently and buys that are made before. Rehash orders with the provider. The reordering procedure might be totally mechanized or done routinely by administrative faculty. Buys are frequently dealt with under an agreement and cost or reliably the predominant evaluative rules. Members in the Business Buying ProcessParticipants in the hierarchical purchasing process play asâ many as seven unique jobs, specifically those ofâ initiator,â influencer, approver, client, decider, purchaser andâ gatekeeper * Initiators †Recognize an issue or a need. The Initiator can be any person in purchasing firm. * Influencers †Individuals impact the purchasing choice. Specialized individuals, for example, quality control engineers, plan engineers have extensive impact on buy choice. * Deciders †The real purchasing choices are made by the deciders. They are at least one people associated with the purchasing decision.Senior administrators may become deciders. * B uyers †Buyers get citations from providers, assess, arrange, process buy, orders, advance conveys and actualize buy approaches. * Users †Usersâ alsoâ play aâ roleâ ofâ initiators Individuals who use items or administrations Define details ofâ needed items * Approvers †Approverâ endorse and consent to the purchaseâ andâ also play aâ role ofâ deciders * Gatekeeper †Gatekeepers control the stream ofâ information in regards to items and administrations and control the purchasing place Assistants orâ junior personâ ofâ purchase managersKey Members of Buying Center * Top Management Executives * Managing Director, Presidents, Vice President or General chiefs * Approve buy, choose rules and buy strategy * Technical People * Technical individuals are designâ engineers, creation, quality control, R& D managers * Specify items, specialized assessment, input on item provided, haggle with providers * Purchase/Material Department Senior administrato rs, junior levels,â purchaser officials or colleagues * Coordinate with specialized individuals, topâ management, accounts also the providers or merchants * Accounts/Finance for finishing theâ financial endorsements, mode ofâ paymentâ andâ insuranceâ of bankâ guarantees * Marketing * Are the influencers in the purchasing procedure Summary * The mechanical showcasing need to comprehend the buying goals and buying exercises of the modern purchasers. The mechanical purchasers are affected by both buying target of the firm and individual destinations. The mechanical purchasers are affected by numerous components, the central point like ecological variables, hierarchical elements, relational elements and individual elements. * There are 3 regular sorts of purchasing circumstances including new undertaking, adjusted re-purchase and straight re-purchase. * There are 8 periods of purchasing dynamic procedure incorporate Initiator, Influencer, Approver, User, Decider, Buyer and Gatek eeper. The modern markets ought to distinguish the key individuals from purchasing focus in each purchasing choice.

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A Sad Love Story Free Essays

A pitiful Love Story.. A kid proposed his sweetheart for marriage, Girl: Tell me. We will compose a custom article test on A Sad Love Story or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now . Who do you love most in this world? Kid: You, obviously ! Young lady: What am I to you? Kid: The kid thought for a second and glanced eagerly in her eyes and said â€Å"u r missing piece of my heart † She grinned, and she acknowledged his proposition. ::  ¦ ::  ¦ :  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦ After their wedding , the couple had a sweet and upbeat life for some time . Notwithstanding ,the young couple started to float separated because of the bustling timetable of life and the endless concerns of aily issues and not long after their life became troublesome . ::  ¦ ::  ¦ :  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦::  ¦ : All the difficulties presented by the brutal real factors of life started to float away their fantasies and love for one another . .. The couple started to have more fights and each squabble became make their connection all the more most exceedingly terrible. One day , after the fight , the young lady came up short on the house.. .. At the contrary roadside , she shouted,† You don’ t love me †¦ !† The kid abhorred her whimsicalness and out of drive, stated ,†May be, it was a mix-up for us to e together ..! You were never da missing piece of my  ¦ †¦ !† Suddenly, she turned calm and remained there for quite a while .. .. He lamented what he said yet wordsspoken cant be reclaimed. With tears in her eyes, she returned home to pack her things and Before leaving the house,she left a note for him: â€Å"If I ‘m truly not da missing piece of ur  ¦, let me go.. n look for total 1 whu is. .. It is less excruciating thisway†¦ released us on our different ways and quest for our own accomplices .. .† ::  ¦ ::  ¦ :  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦ ::  ¦::  ¦ : Five years passed by. .. He never remarried however he had attempted to get some answers concerning her life in a roundabout way .. †¦ . She had left the nation and was experiencing her fantasies. He use to lament on what he did yet never attempted to bring her back. . In obscurity and desolate night , he lit his cigarette and felt the waiting hurt in his heart. He couldn’ t force himself to concede that he was feeling the loss of her . †¦. One day , they at long last met†¦ . At the air terminal , He was leaving on a work excursion . He saw her, She was remaining there alone, with simply the security entryway isolating them. She grinned at him delicately . Kid: How are you ? Young lady: I’ m fine. You should.. . Have you discovered your heart ‘ s missing part.. .? Kid: No . Young lady: I’ ll be traveling to New York in the following flight . Kid: I ‘ll return in about fourteen days time . Call me when you are back †¦ You know my number †¦ . Nothing has changed . With a grin , she pivoted and waved farewell .. â€Å"Good-bye . . . † Same night he knew about a plane accident which was gone to New York . He attempted to think about her and discovered that,She passed on . 12 PM. †¦ Once again , he lit his cigarette. †¦ . Furthermore, as in the past, he felt the waiting hurt in his heart. †¦ He at last knew , she was that missing part that he had imprudently broken . . . Some of the time, individuals make statements out of snapshots of fury†¦ .. We take outour 99% disappointments at our friends and family. †¦ And despite the fact that we know that we should to†think twice and act wisely†, we really dont do it. Things happen every day , a considerable lot of which are outside our ability to control . Make an effort not to hurt ur cherished once, bcz amoment of outrage cud b a lifetym discipline †¦ u Step by step instructions to refer to A Sad Love Story, Papers

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Emergence and Impact of Regional Parties Essay

It is coming down abbreviations in legislative issues and the energetic Indian political scene is overflowed. Indeed, so as Regional gatherings make strides with astounding energetic promptness in a various India where a quick changing political guide currently guarantees an at no other time assortment. Pitiful in Punjab on one side, SP, BSP in Uttar Pradesh on the other, RJD, JD(U) in Bihar as additionally DMK, AIADMK, PMK, MDMK and DMDK in the profound South and TMC, AGP and others in North-East â€they appear to be streaming in from all niches and corners to loan an alternate tint, their own tone, to the political waters as they stream in our nation today. In spite of the fact that the trial with territorial legislative issues originally prevailing in the late 1960s when numerous gatherings won against the Congress, it was just post-1989 that provincial governmental issues truly turned into a marvel, setting down deep roots, graciousness the National Parties themselves. The letters in order soup representing the striking change of India’s legislative issues in the course of recent decades, prepared on the fire gave by the space emptied by National Parties to be married to the reason for local issues, neighborhood yearnings and regional needs. Likewise, contracting space of the National Parties prompted making of a vacuum which the Regional gatherings were glad to fill. They jumped up and walked ahead as a result of the leanings of the general population to propel its desires. Basically individualistic, character driven gatherings limited by a lose chain of thought as opposed to a durable facilitated philosophy, these pandered to territorial populism with a much smaller vision of things sans any expansive put together National accord with respect to belief system and issues. Be that as it may, at that point, what did the mushrooming of these local gatherings, at long last, discover appearance in? While it fortified the government structure with declaration by the States of the Union for its offer in power, benefits, charges, incomes and advantages of miniaturized scale full scale plans, it additionally prompted a specific measure of sound rivalry bury se states, making us the republic that we truly are. It additionally offered ascend to the idea of â€Å"shared sovereignty†, set apart by an expansion in the limit of the state to impact its own advancement execution while improving the delegate character of India’s popular government. The steady ascent of these local â€Å"home-grown† parties, sharing the one regular quality of having a mass base in just the condition of their introduction to the world, prompted a spate of established and authoritative changes regarding legal, managerial and focus state relations. Not just this, it weaved together an interaction of powers, provoking National gatherings to rope them in for help as well as realized a reliance which loaned a Regional flavor to National Policies. At that point, it is in this that rose the excellence of the pigeon following of the National and these Regional substances. However, at that point, since excellence is never flaw free, there is a flip side as well. Given their â€Å"strategic† situating, the Regional gatherings have not just abused this reliance of the National Parties for their own favorable position at the same time, on occasion, even arm-bent the last to get their direction. There’s an exit from this of maze wherein National Parties end up lost in and it doesn't lie in a top-down methodology which, in the current occasions, appears insufficient as well as obsolete. We have an India characterized by assembly of a plenty of personality and intrigue bunches which have taken the shape and type of Regional gatherings to diffuse genuine force from the Center to the states. The National Parties need to wake up and smell the espresso. The supports of reliance on Regional gatherings need to go and they need to not just figure out how to remain on their own feet however even walk that additional mile to satisfy territorial desires to show that every last one of the 28 states matters so a lot. For this, they should allow provincial units to work at the nearby level as semi-autonomous units with sufficient adaptability for administration working at the territorial level. This will help offset the provincial enthusiasm with the National intrigue which numerous multiple times end upconflicting with one another. Moreover, a firm National gathering with semiindependent territorial waterway jacketed unit to take into account local interests is the main assurance for guaranteeing persistent unification inside India’s multi-ethnic decent variety which weaves the numerous strands of district, religion, culture and legislative issues into one social texture we call India.

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The Advantages of Gwu Essay Samples

The Advantages of Gwu Essay Samples An essay has to be composed of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Nowadays you know what it requires to receive an ideal essay score. The best method to find out how to find a high Analytical Writing score is to take a look at a GRE essay sample, but doing so with no guidance can be overwhelming. To begin with, utilize the perfect-scoring sample GRE essays within this guide as models of feasible methods to do the essay tasks. Essay writing can be rather a challenge. Essay writing examples in doc format like the ones given may help steer you in writing an excellent composition. Writing a number of drafts can enable you to reduce extra details. Essay writing skills is a tough and time-consuming job. What You Need to Do About Gwu Essay Samples Beginning in the Next Seven Minutes As you pay for homework, we provide those options at no cost. Provide all the first details, let us know about the deadline, and we'll begin making your paper to aid you in getting high grades. Students need to know how to use scholarly sources efficiently to gather such info and the way to cite sources correctly. Gwu Essay Samples: the Ultimate Convenience! Argumentative essay about fast food higher education is comparable to a full-time work and you will even now find friendly jezowacom. If given the opportunity to attend NYU, I would benefit from such seminars and workshops to improve my classroom knowledge. Identify two those who know you well and understand why you're pursuing graduate education. Usually, MPH programs want to find applicants with a strong awareness of direction within the area, together with realistic goals that reflect their educational and professional backgrounds. Even when you're undecided on what major you want to study, you must pick a particular school or college to apply to. WID courses could be taken as late as the senior year to fulfill the requirement, but this isn't advised. This is your opportunity to spell out how graduate school is the all-natural connection between your prior achievements and one of a kind passion for public well-being, and your larger ambition to donate to the field later on. However, since the university has so many distinct institutions it's impossible to tackle all requirements of each student. 1 hurdle that you have to surmount when planning to visit college is the application procedure. Even in the event the deadline is very tight, feel free to get hold of our managers. Don't forget that the college application is critical, but much less critical as your grades. New Questions About Gwu Essay Samples He was also an excellent leader who decided to conserve the republic. The absolute most memorable personal statements are ones with a crystal clear theme or purpose that unifies the ideas and data presented. You should have your reasons, and our primary concern is that you find yourself getting an excellent grade. Thus the organization is a significant tool and possibility to fulfill new folks, build relationships away from the classroom and to engage with people from the industry world. Never copy an essay from the web or have somebody else write it for you. If you're a strong writer, you may also have the ability to present your topic in a special and intriguing way. But permit me to declare that I'll approach this subject from the more fragile, Japanese side. Always request help and keep focused on your topic. The Little-Known Secrets to Gwu Essay Samples As soon as you have gathered ideas on this issue, you must properly place your thoughts into words. The majority of the moment, the conversation will end quickly, and the inquirer will leave with only the additional knowledge that a number of languages are written in various directions. I think these were confined to 100 words each. Bear in mind, you merely have 200-600 words. Whispered Gwu Essay Samples Secrets Be certain to continue to write and revise until you're certain your statement is the best you may produce. Have a look at the remainder of your program, and think what else are you missing f rom your application that you really need to emphasize. Before you start your application process, determine which sort of applicant you're so you know what steps you must take. Although the wording of the personal statement requirement might vary from fellowship to fellowship, below are some essential things to remember.

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The Minimum Drinking Age Act Of 1984 - 1219 Words

Let’s face it; alcohol is an excessively abused drug. Underage parties involving alcohol are increasing in popularity among high school and college-aged students. The drinking age should be lowered to 18 because adults can legally marry, begin a career and support a family, as well as serve in the military and prison. Along with these and many other reasons, the rebellious nature for wanting to participate in illegal activities is an immense driving force for why teens and young adults drink illegally. Why is the Minimum Legal Drinking Age 21? State governments decided their own individual drinking age after Prohibition ended in 1933. Through out the course of the Vietnam War, some states lowered their drinking age to 18, 19, and 20†¦show more content†¦Consequently, teens and young adults find that illegal alcohol consumption, along with other similar activities will make them seem cooler to his or her peers. Teens do not drink soda because it’s â€Å"cool.â €  Teens drink soda in order to quench thirst and also because of the satisfying taste that soda offers. Plot twist: if soda were to become illegal, there would be a black market created within the next day. Most teens abuse alcohol as often as they do because it is illegal. Despite the current legal drinking age being 21, underage drinkers have a virtually unlimited supply to alcohol because parents, siblings, and friends that are of age can easily supply them with booze; 26 percent of underage drinkers receive alcohol from parents or family members. In fact, 40 percent of young adults receive alcoholic beverages from friends and family (2008, Edgar Snyder). â€Å"When asked how easy it would be to get alcohol, most 8th, 10th, and 12th graders said ‘fairly easy’ or ‘very easy’† (2008, Edgar Snyder). One main reason drinking should be allowed for college-aged students is because they are all adults, and should have equal rights as any other adult once they turn 18. As legal adults, 18-year-olds hold the option to serve in the military and die for the United States of America, can purchase cigarettes, and are able to wed, and live on their own. Along with legal obligations such as paying taxes and standing as an active jury member, adults can take out loans,

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Essay on Advertising Changes Social Values - 2446 Words

Change is imminent. As resistant as people may be to alter their patterns everything changes over time, especially social values. Whether it be new technology, changes in the economy, or new understandings, values never stay the same. Nothing reflects these values more than advertising and trying to appeal to the peoples need to â€Å"fit in† with the values of society. Since the beginning of advertising the sellers are trying to find ways to make the consumers buy into their goods or services and there is no better way than to reflect on how people’s attitudes and beliefs are focused. Changing social values are always reflected in advertising for consumer products. As social values change so too does the approach that advertisers take†¦show more content†¦The shift that we are seeing due to the recession is that companies are starting to offer more information on their services in order to help the consumer make a better decision for themselves, rather th an say putting a cute little baby on TV because they think people will be more likely to buy from them because of that. One article states Consumers often make financial choices that are not necessarily good for them. Errors in choices arise from certain financial biases, emotion, incomplete information, and limited understanding. Consumers are often skeptical of advertising whose claims are difficult and complex to understand. They rather prefer advertising that assists them in their economic decision-making. Consumers are accountable for responsibly using financial products and those who get in over their heads must find a way to manage fiscal responsibilities. Financial services organizations should provide their consumers with information about the consequences of inappropriate financial management(Changing 2011). In a study done by Taejun Lee, Ronald Taylor, and Wonjun Chung, advertising strategies were studied to see how they will be affected due to an economic crisis. According to Lee (2011), â€Å"The Great Depression revealed that successful companies did adjustShow MoreRelatedAdvertisement And Culture Of The Media1658 Words   |  7 Pagesadvertisement and pictures in the media is certainly creating a unique mental space in the mind of social capitals. As far as the advertising and their social influence are concern, the understanding of cultural differences is often considered a prerequisite for successful international advertising (Keegan, 2008) because consumers grow up in a particular culture and become aligned with that culture s value system as well as beliefs and perception processes. Several studies have shown that consumersRead MoreImpact Of Social Media On Business Performance1730 Words   |  7 PagesImpact of Social Media Marketing Introduction: It is considered that social media tools have gained a lot of popularity as well as increasingly used in day to day operations of many business organizations or companies, from start-up to small medium as well as large multinational organizations. Despite the fact that social media has gained popularity over it use, little has been known for their values to the business world or industry. The tools and technologies support for social media on businessRead MoreIntroduction to Emotion1205 Words   |  5 Pagesare going on at the moment or when we remember something that happened in the past.   Frequently, we also experience physiological changes, such as feeling hot; faster heartbeats, changes in our breathing, knotting in our stomachs, etc. when we feel an emotion. Emotions amp; Advertising Emotions are arguably defined as bodily changes, together with mental change, influencing one s decisions, sometimes out of the normal pattern for the individual, used particularly in reference to buying behaviorRead MoreThe Marketing And Advertising Industry Essay1276 Words   |  6 Pagescandidates from their respected parties dump millions of dollars into advertising and marketing to their campaigns in order to touch the lives of millions of Americans in order to potentially gain the vote individuals. During the most recent election, Clinton and Trump combined to raise a total of over $200 Million (Bloomberg). Although this seems like so much money in order to gain the backing of many, the marketing and advertising industry in 2015 has grown to be an almost 200 billion dollar a yearRead MoreBranding, Advertising, And Marketing Essay1694 Words   |  7 PagesIt is interesting to see how branding, advertising, and marketing, that are in place to achieve specific commercial goals, completely rely upon the complex elements of human psychology, as well as on how cultural norms and values influence the individual. This has in fact been an integral concern of marketing historically; the mere presenting of a product or service is ineffective unless some reflection of its deeper value or meaning to the potential consumer is reinforced. In the mid-20th centuryRead MoreWhat Is The Value Of Graphic Design? Essay1567 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the value of graphic design? Graphic Design’s role in advertising is arguably a controversial one in regards to the morality and principles that designers have to consider when generating work for companies and issues they find have questionable ideologies. To a certain extent, graphic designers have to take into consideration the ethical and moral implications any design brief may have and deliberate the monetary value against their own moral standards. Taking this into consideration, theRead MoreGreening Energy Marketing1543 Words   |  6 Pagesregions do not necessarily elicit thoughts of oil extraction, clear-cutting or the damming of rivers for the production of energy and commodities. Nevertheless, corporations often draw from symbolically rich environmental imagery and fasten it to advertising campaigns in an attempt to bolster a socially conscious image. In this process of â€Å"greenwashing†, corporations reputations and products are intimately linked to promotional culture by attemptin g to represent itself as sustainable, progressive,Read MoreAdvertising1204 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Impact Of Advertising Impact based advertising is a form of advertising designed to have a lasting psychological effect on viewers so they will remember the product or vendor. This approach can help advertising produce the greatest results for a given expenditure. Impact based advertising is often contrasted with impression based advertising, which is focused on the number of times that an ad is seen and does not differentiate between segments of the audience. Impact-based advertising seeks to giveRead MoreQuestions On Start Your Business Planning1349 Words   |  6 Pagesorganizational changes today, develop strategies for solving problems, marketing strategies, packaging, analyze the profile of the entrepreneur. A person can make an idea a business, however, is not the same as having it in his head that develop it. The first thing an entrepreneur should do to do when starting an own business is to check to what extent this idea is innovative, find out if there are customers for it and what is their market. The mill itself has no meaning, only has economic value when placedRead MoreSocial Media And Political Economy1174 Words   |  5 PagesFuchs s article relates social media with power and political economy, which roots in Karl Max s critical theory toward capitalism s exploit on free labor sources. Recall from what Fuchs mentioned on chapter one, he discussed about the concept of social media by introducing a four dynamic process: cognition, communication and co-operation. Each one is closely associated with a notion of sociality from different philosophical points of view. However, in this chapter, he extends the critical theory

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Panorama Supporting In Impaired Individuals -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Panorama Supporting In Impaired Individuals? Answer: Introducation It can be very much difficult for a sighted person to take into accounting and imagine how much it is difficult for blind and visually impaired person to use a computer. In order for them to use software and applications there can be different technics, which can be incorporated. A screen reader in this concept can be considered an essential software for the blind and visually impaired person. This concept is achieved by putting a screen reader, which transmits whatever text is on the screen of the computer into a form that a visually impaired person can process. This is usually auditory, tactile or combination of both. The Serotek System access is another tool, which can be downloaded and used even outside the browser. This makes it one of the quickest way of running a computer for the blind people (Voykinska et al. 2014) The color blindness concept normally effect one of 20 users who are not able to see the website with its full beauty. Taking into consideration this type of users the images and the text may be seen a bit unrecognizable and fuzzy. There are few softwares which helps in assisting this type of user. Visolve can be considered as a software that uses filters, which allow better differentiation between colors making the colors light and darker or increase in the saturation level. This enhances the usability and the accessibility of the content which is digital. Daltap is also a software that comes with many features, which are useful. The softwares naming feature gives the name of the color at the tip of the cursor, which enables the user to zoom or enlarge in the mouse area (Gelenbe and Caseau 2015). Three ways by which ICT can be used for the reduction of the carbon Footprints and contribute to Green ICT are: Limit the use of screensavers: The concept of screensaver can be used for personalizing the computer. However, it can be stated that using a screensaver provides a shield for the computer screen from the aspect of prying eyes. Taking into consideration the concern related to power saving option, it should be activated to eventually switch off the monitors if the PC remains idle for an extended period. Turning of the PCs when not in use: This can be considered an obvious recommendation, a desktop, which consist of a CRT monitor, consumes the electricity, which is equal to four bright light on full power. If both the CPU and the monitors marketing kept on for 8 hours, it can result in a monthly consumption of 58 kWh of electricity (Tidrow, Boyce and Shapiro 2017). The aspect can be reduced by turning off the PC when not in use. Monitoring of consumption: There are different type of software, which aim at the monitoring of the power consumption of the computer. They target at enterprise network environment for example NightWatchman and Joulex. There is also a social network called Welectrcity, which is a free online service that helps their member to track and reduce the electrical consumption at home (Dialameh et al. 2017) Response comparison In the aspect of the reduction of reduction of the carbon footprints most of the classmates have mainly put focus on the consumption of the electricity and how it can be reduced. In this report, the electricity is taken into consideration but also the monitoring issue, which is related to it, are also discussed. It can be more beneficial when the electricity consumption and the monitoring aspect are taken together which can be more beneficial. Building a computer on the production line of identical computers can be considered as a process. This is due to the factor that labor involvement in the process is small or restricted to one person (Ranathungage, Fernando and Perera 2017). Building a house as one of the series of identical houses all over Australia can be considered as a process because it consist of mainly one type of activity. This can be considered as a process. This is mainly due to the factor that up gradation of windows 7 to windows 10 consist of very small task which is process oriented. Upgrading all the 120 computers can be considered as a project because it would involve time and involvement of more than one human activity in order to reduce the time concept. It involves planning on how the project would be started and the work force, which has to be involved into it (Anand et al. 2017) Comparison with Classmates Most of the classmates considered the up gradation of the computer to windows 10 as a project. In this context, it can be stated that a project mainly involve more than one activity but over the concept, it is just one activity, which has to be done. So it should have been stated as a process rather than project The upgrading concept in most of the cases are stated as a process. In this context, it can be a process as well as a project as it can be considered as a single task including multiple activity or in a whole a single activity ignoring the individual activity and taking them as one process. References Anand, A., Das, S., Aggrawal, D. and Kapur, P.K., 2017. Reliability Analysis for Upgraded Software with Updates. InQuality, IT and Business Operations (pp. 323-333). Springer, Singapore. Dialameh, O., Miller, D., Blanchard, C., Dorcey, T.C. and Sudol, J.M., Nant Holdings IP LLC, 2017.Augmented Reality Panorama Supporting Visually Impaired Individuals. U.S. Patent Application 15/353,016. Gelenbe, E. and Caseau, Y., 2015. The impact of information psychology on energy consumption and carbon emissions.Ubiquity,2015(June), p.1. Ranathungage, A., Fernando, N. and Perera, S., 2017. Estimating Whole Life Cycle Carbon Emissions of Buildings: a literature review. Tidrow, R., Boyce, J. and Shapiro, J.R., 2017. Getting around the Windows Desktop.Windows 10 Anniversary Update Bible, pp.37-66. Voykinska, V., Azenkot, S., Wu, S. and Leshed, G., 2016, February. How blind people interact with visual content on social networking services. InProceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Social Computing(pp. 1584-1595). ACM.